Masses of water in the Ländle – storms trigger hundreds of firefighting operations


Due to the persistent rain, the Vorarlberg fire brigades were fully challenged on Friday. Countless cellars, underpasses and streets were flooded.

After the drought came the flood: on Friday it poured like rain all over Vorarlberg, and in some regions more than 150 liters per square meter of rain fell. As much as the rain required, it meant a lot of work for firefighters in the country: streams, before that a sad trickle, turned into raging rivers within hours, underpasses, cellars and shops flooded, entire streets had to be flooded and blocked.

In the afternoon, the rescue and fire control center registered hundreds of operations at the same time, in Koblach municipality alone, the Floriani disciples were called to more than 50 emergencies. No wonder that waiting for the fire service has become a test of patience for many homeowners.

There was also pure chaos on the streets. For example, the Bregenzerwaldweg (L200) had to be closed for the Achraintunnel in Dornbirn, the same applied to the L202 in Bregenz and various connections in the Kummenberg region and in the Vorderland – a number of traffic jams were the result.

Compared to the dramatic storms in southern Austria, the country got off to a slow start. Fortunately, there were no injuries or even deaths.

Source: Krone


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