Off for heating mushrooms – government: if you want money, you have to turn off the light


The government announced details of the new “energy billion” for businesses a few minutes ago. What is especially exciting about it: the criteria to which the high financing is linked.

For example, companies must take significant energy-saving measures in order to benefit from the subsidies. Among which:

  • The interior and exterior of shops (including those for facades, shop windows and advertising systems) are not lit between 10 p.m. or closing time and 6 a.m.

  • Likewise, outdoor heating systems (e.g. heating sponges or heated chairlifts) should be turned off.

  • Likewise, the doors of shops open to the public should not be kept open permanently, provided this is possible without conversion.

  • Another condition concerns the payment of bonuses: for the year 2022, no or no more than half of the bonus of the previous year may be paid to directors and managers of companies that receive energy cost subsidies.

  • All subsidies are made transparent: from a subsidy amount of 10,000 euros, the subsidy is made public.

A total of 1.3 billion euros will be distributed among companies that meet these requirements. In order to guarantee targeted support and to prevent double or excessive financing, tax advice is confirmed: for example about the classification as an energy-intensive company, but also about energy consumption and the amount of the additional costs.

Source: Krone


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