Suspicion of sabotage – state security checks after accident at OMV refinery


The economic war over Russian gas and oil has apparently reached Austria! According to research by “Krone”, the accident at the OMV plant in Schwechat in the summer comes in a new light. Big suspicion: sabotage! The Directorate for State Protection and Intelligence (DSN) is now investigating unknown persons or a “foreign power” – ie a foreign secret service!

Flashback: In June, the domestic energy giant’s main distillation plant outside the gates of Vienna was badly damaged by a “mechanical incident” during final inspection works following legal maintenance. The consequences are enormous: diesel is becoming scarce at many gas stations in the country and the government has to dump dozens of tons of fuel from the republic’s strategic reserves on two occasions.

The refinery will not start again until October
The situation is not expected to improve until October, when the refinery will return to service. In any case, it’s a fact: While OMV is still officially pushing for an accident, state security and homeland security authorities are currently investigating a possible behind-the-scenes sabotage in lively exchanges with European partners.

Officially, the Ministry of the Interior only states on request that the DSN “regularly prepares a report on the risk situation for vital infrastructure in Austria, which is included in the operational police work”…

Nord Stream Pipelines: Who’s Behind Gas Leaks?
Meanwhile, authorities are trying to clear up acts of sabotage on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, believed to have been carried out by deep-sea combat divers. But who is behind it? And what benefit would EU-NATO-bred Russia gain from sabotaging its own gas pipelines to Western Europe?

Vasily Astrow, senior economist at the world-renowned Vienna Institute of International Economic Studies (WIIW), on the “Krone”: “I don’t really think it makes much sense for Russia to blow up the Nord Stream lines.” Because that would deprive Moscow of its ability to supply gas to Europe if the EU gave in to possible pressure to end sanctions in the winter.

Source: Krone


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