Felipe VI asks companies to combine competition with cooperation to overcome the crisis


Felipe VI asks companies to combine competition with cooperation to overcome the crisis

The president of the La Caixa Foundation, Isidre Fainé, defends that businessmen are “not the enemy to be defeated”, but are “part of the solution”.

Felipe VI on Thursday appealed to the responsibility of companies to take measures that would help alleviate and even overcome the current crisis, characterized by rising prices and problems with energy supply. De Koning immediately referred to it when he pointed out that “companies and managers need to make important decisions to adapt, minimize risks and know where the limits of competition lie, or how to combine them with collaboration for the good of everybody”.

The monarch launched this message during the congress of the Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives led by Isidro Fainé, the president of the La Caixa Foundation and Criteria, the company that brings together his investments. All this within a congress held at the BEC in Barakaldo, which brings together a thousand prominent businessmen and senior executives.

Right, Fainé has defended the role of the private sector in society. «Companies are not the enemy of the Spanish economy, therefore they are not the problem; they are certainly not the only solution, but we can say without a doubt that they are part of the solution,” he defended during his speech. The “social engagement” of the companies in the country, he continued, is “broad, deep, determined and sustainable’.

“As a country, we need sound, ambitious and determined government policies at all levels of government. And that companies do not lose confidence, but rather redouble their commitment to job creation and wealth growth,” said the president of the La Caixa Foundation.

Felipe VI has emphasized the role of businessmen and managers in the advancement of societies, but has encouraged them to go beyond entrepreneurship or competition in seeking the best results for their businesses. “Now – he said – it is also essential to focus on looking for operational solutions in the face of so much vulnerability, social divides and the absence of certain scenarios”. He thus recalled the recent commemoration of the “formidable act of Juan Sebastián Elcano”, in an unknown world and at a time of “many expectations and not few risks”.

He also remembered that he regularly attends this congress held annually by Spanish managers and remembered his first presence at a CEDE event in 2001. also for employees and who influence or affect the whole society».

He has admitted that the situation we find ourselves in after we overcome the pandemic has placed us in a time of “less fragile and troubling socio-economic horizons.” Therefore – he emphasized – a reconsideration of many things is necessary, including in the way in which and the management tools of some realities». In addition, he praised the ability Spanish companies have had to date to overcome the successive bouts of difficulties encountered along the way. The most recent, the Covid, has also shown that Spanish companies can overcome the situation, “with exports in the period from January to July this year surpassing the figures for the same period in 2019 by 28%,” he said.

In his support of the business leaders, Felipe VI encouraged them to “adapt the demands of the times, which will have to be based on the usual management capabilities, on humility in the face of the unknown and on sobriety and self-control.” demand required by the different phases or faces these challenges will face,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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