Electricity and water suppliers double their turnover in one year


Sales of Spanish companies grow by 26% in September, but according to data from the INE, energy and industry are the sectors that benefit most from the crisis

The crisis is hitting more households, which are losing purchasing power due to high inflation, than companies, which are continuing to increase sales, according to INE data published this Friday. The General Business Turnover Index (ICNE) for September shows Spanish business sales grew by 26.6% compared to the same month last year, flattening August’s increase by almost four points, but 19 consecutive months of the year consecutive year. year increases.

All sectors presented positive billing rates in September, but the case of energy and water companies stands out, which, adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, increased their turnover by 93.5%, i.e. they doubled their turnover compared to last year. This is followed by companies in the manufacturing sector, which increased their turnover by 21.8% in September. Trade and services sold 20.9% and 19.4% more respectively than a year ago.

Monthly business invoices also increased in all sectors except industry. For example, the overall monthly rate recorded an increase of 1.3% compared to August, highlighting the case of companies dedicated to the supply of electricity and water, which increased their turnover by 6.6% compared to August. This was followed by trade, with a turnover increase of 1%, and services, which sold 0.8% more than in August. However, the industry cut its bills by 3.5% in the ninth month of the year.

Source: La Verdad


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