Neni-Restaurants – Molcho’s recipe for success with Viennese oriental cuisine


From the Naschmarkt, the expansion started with its own restaurants, which can now be found from Mallorca to Copenhagen. Neni’s products are now also popular in retail and are another success factor in the family business.

“Passion is the most important thing”, Haya Molcho is convinced. At 68 years old, the Austrian-based chef and restaurateur is still hungry to take her oriental dishes across Europe. “Without this passion, I would already be in the Caribbean with my husband Samy,” she says with a smile.

Soon a bar on the shore of Lake Wörthersee?
The Molcho clan already has twelve branches, including in Hamburg and Mallorca. A restaurant has recently opened in Copenhagen. “In Vienna, we have opened two Neni restaurants in the last two years,” says Haya Molcho. In addition to the Neni on the Naschmarkt, which is always fully booked, customers can enjoy the specialties on the Prater and on the Danube Canal (Neni on the water, Tel Aviv Beach). The star chef hints that a restaurant on Lake Wörthersee with Tel Aviv atmosphere could soon open.

Together with her sons, she owns the twelve locations. One of them runs the company operationally. Ilan Molcho: “Sales are also increasing thanks to our new locations. And in retail, we had 20 percent plus.”

In Austria, the group raises 18 million euros annually, and a total of 35 million euros across Europe. In addition to the catering industry, trade is also an important pillar, accounting for 30 percent of turnover. You will find exclusive Hummus and Co. in 1,400 domestic Spar stores. from Neni. Abroad, the products are sold in Germany (Rewe, Edeka), Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and recently also in the Netherlands.

“People from the restaurants buy our products in stores and vice versa. That is beneficial for both parties,” says Haya Molcho. She also earns money from cookbooks. “My new book immediately became a bestseller,” she says proudly.

Vegan meat substitute at the Naschmarkt and Prater
To keep a finger on the pulse, she and her sons are always looking for new products. For example, there is currently a collaboration with Planted: vegan meat substitutes are now served at the Naschmarkt and the Prater.

Source: Krone


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