Hardly any savings potential – for private households it will be more expensive again in 2023


Higher energy costs and adjustments to insurance, mobile phone rates and the like will weigh heavily on the Austrians next year. In certain cases, it is worthwhile to switch providers, for example with tariffs for mobile telephony and internet.

In 2023, an average family of three will have to deal with additional costs of more than 2800 euros because many providers are making price adjustments and the energy bill is high; that is what the online platform Durchblicker calculated. This does not take into account rental of apartments and fuel prices. The largest part consists of the extreme price increases for electricity and gas. Additional costs of more than 2,000 euros can be expected for gas and more than 400 euros for electricity, mind you, despite all the government subsidies. It is also said that there is hardly any saving potential by switching providers.

Tip: compare insurers
For the other fixed costs such as insurance, a comparison is worthwhile, according to Durchblicker. Provided you have high premiums, you can get the most out of it with a car insurance (more than 600 euros per year). If you have very expensive accident insurance, you can also save more than 200 euros. In any case, it is worth “checking” your rates. Higher prices can be expected in particular for car insurance, private accident insurance, home contents insurance and legal assistance.

Mobile telephony rates are becoming more expensive
Mobile phone rates will go up on April 1. With fixed internet and mobile you have to take into account 30 euros or more each. The reason is the contractual inflation adjustment. Good to know: Some discount providers waive these clauses. In addition, Durchblicker sees potential savings of up to 200 euros per year for mobile telephony and fixed internet rates.

Source: Krone


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