The important change in the income statement that affects all self-employed people


The new premium system will come into effect in 2023 and the tax obligations of the self-employed will be adjusted

Work is already underway on the new premium system for the self-employed. This reform of the self-employed system changes the income brackets, the quotas they must pay and the conditions for claiming benefits. Some changes that directly affect the obligation to prepare the income statement.

A simulator has been used since November so that self-employed people know how much they have to pay with the new premium system from 2023, based on their net income. The compensation to be paid is calculated on the basis of the estimated income you will have for the whole year. The main novelty of the new system is that you have to anticipate and communicate the monthly average of your annual net return. Those who register as self-employed from 1 January 2023 must do so at the time of registration, but may change their quota up to 6 times a year on the basis of their net income forecast. Those who were already registered before this date must report their income to Social Security before 31 October.

This new premium system is accompanied by new tax obligations for the self-employed. Until now, self-employed persons who did not exceed the annual income limit of 22,000 euros were exempt from submitting the income statement. However, these conditions will no longer apply and from 2023 all self-employed persons will have to submit an income statement, regardless of the income they had in the previous year.

The Royal Decree introducing a new contribution system amends Article 96.2 of the Personal Income Tax Act to include that they will now in any event “be obliged to declare all those natural persons who, at any time during the tax period, are employed as are registered” for their own account, in the Special Scheme for the Self-Employed or Self-Employed, or in the Special Social Security for Sea Workers”. That is why the 200,000 self-employed persons who are exempt from making the income statement in 2023 must do so.

Source: La Verdad


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