“Rounding success” of the second strike in the history of the Labor Inspectors


The unions estimate 90% follow-up by the collective and denounce the “chaotic situation” the organization is in

Second day of strike in the history of the Labor Inspectorate to denounce “the chaotic situation” of the body and the new “resounding success”. This is the view of the eight convening unions, who estimate that 90% of the 24-hour strike is monitored by inspectors and sub-inspectors in their workplaces across Spain and point out that activity has fallen “virtually to zero”, plus even that in the December 21 strike.

The collective is demonstrating again in protest against the shortage of personnel, technical and material resources, increasing their workload. The unions accuse the management of violating the agreement signed in July 2021 with measures to alleviate the daily problems of the Labor Inspectorate due to the shortage of personnel, such as a serious shortage of personnel, the lack of a professional career and a time horizon that contributes so many Labor inspectors leave the body and give the Inspectorate its own tools to respond to the complexity of the world of work, CSIF explains in a press release.

Currently, there are about 2,200 active inspectors and another 800 support staff, according to the union, which emphasizes that the Labor Inspectorate falls on a workforce of 3,000 people while there are 20 million members of social security, 1.4 million companies and 10 million are retirees.

The union also accused Yolanda Díaz’s second vice president and minister of “getting the hell out of the way” and pointing “as sole responsibility” to the Ministry of Finance and Public Functions.

In addition, the organizations calling the strike regret that more than 20% of the Labor Inspectorate’s budget allocated for 2022 has not been implemented, wasting “a unique opportunity” to comply with the measures pledged in the accord.

This Wednesday’s strike was preceded by a day of concentrations in front of the organization’s headquarters this Monday and by a strike on December 21.

Source: La Verdad


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