The definitive calendar of the X-Trial World Championship 2023 has been announced


The International Motorcycling Federation announced on Wednesday the Definitive calendar of the 2023 X-Trial World Championship. It was tentatively put forward in November with eight tests, the same number of races that will be included in the final calendar.

As planned, Barcelona will open the calendar on February 5th and Saint Denis it will close on November 17. In between, with changes in dates in some trials, the appointments of Wiener Neustadt, Pamplona, ​​Bordeaux and Andorra la Vella.

The novelty is that it is already known where the two tests that have headquarters pending assignment in that initial sketch. Madrid and France, in this case with a city yet to be determined, They will be the appointments that will complete the eight exams that will make up the calendar.

Tony Bou he will seek his seventeenth consecutive X-Trial world title, a championship he has dominated with an iron fist since 2007. To his sixteen indoor universal titles, Piera’s crew has added another sixteen which is the third outdoor title on his record, where he has also won the championship since 2007.

Definitive calendar of the 2023 X-Trial World Championship

1. Barcelona (February 5)
2. Wiener Neustadt (Austria, March 11)
3. Pamplona (March 25)
4. Bordeaux (France, April 7)
5. Andorra la Vella (Andorra, October 7)
6. Madrid (November 4)
7. French city to be determined (November 11)
8. Saint Denis-Île de la Reúnion (France, November 17)

Source: La Verdad


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