Electricity costs brake – you should now pay attention to this on the bill!


The brake on electricity costs makes Austrians frown. We have the answers. And: When is a change worthwhile?

Climate bonus, energy bonus, energy cost reimbursement, you still have to redeem a voucher here, and you still have to register there. Who else should know about this financing jungle? And now the electricity cost brake has also come into effect. This should give the Austrians some planning certainty in times of rapidly changing market conditions. But consumers frown, especially when they look at the bill.

This is also confirmed by the domestic electricity suppliers, where the lines in the service centers are currently glowing. That’s why we asked Hildegard Aichberger, CEO of oekostrom AG. Aichberger confirms: “Since the energy crisis, applications have increased enormously.” For us, the expert answered the most important questions about the electricity cost brake.

Source: Krone


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