Fill shows it – Working digitally and analogously: this is how the balancing act succeeds


Little home office, lots of personal contact, quick information for everyone: plant manufacturer Fill shows how the balancing act between digital and analogue working can work. Five points help the company out of the Innviertel in particular. The entrepreneur told the “Krone” what these are.

Plant manufacturer Fill has been using a communication platform for about 20 years. “We founded our own company in 2012 and continued to develop the platform, which now has 70 customers,” says Andreas Fill. The entrepreneur lives progress and has also set up his own knowledge factory for children in Gurten, in which 3D printers and robots are part of the basic equipment.

These five points help the family business to successfully bridge the gap between the digital and analogue world of work:

  • Communication: All employees receive all company-relevant information in a timely manner. For more than a year, all employees have had a company iPhone from day one.
  • Focus: What needs to be done in one day, including all associated tasks, is also done on the same day.
  • Personal contact: Employees work from home less than one day a week on average. “True innovation and creative processes only work in personal collaboration,” says Fill.
  • Comfortable exchange: There is an event at least once a month: from a ski weekend to an after-work party with meatloaf and beer.
  • Drawing borders: E-mail traffic in the evenings, weekends and holidays is strictly limited. “Free time is a hugely important recreational factor,” says Fill, who knows, “You have to lead by example.”

Source: Krone


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