Asked cheap again – how questionable a 2.99 euro T-shirt is


A well-known clothing company in Austria promises complete clothing for one person for 30 euros. What sounds like an empty phrase from a marketing genius is reality. Despite inflation and price increases. How is it possible to offer t-shirts for 2.99 euros and whether the purchase is morally responsible? Let’s see.

The walk through the pedestrian zone becomes a gauntlet between offer boards and clothing racks with cheap goods. A t-shirt for 7.99 euros at C&A, a dress for 9.99 euros at Takko or a shirt for 2.99 euros at Kik. The price war in the cheap segment has become even harder due to the economic problems. Lucky for consumers with a small wallet.

But even with little financial leeway, one question is justified: how can a T-shirt cost only 2.99 euros? And who can still earn something? The short answer: everyone!

Source: Krone


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