Stable workforce – Swarovski in Wattens is positive about the future


The management of the Swarovski Group presented its further objectives on Wednesday. In the future, the number of employees at the Wattens site will level off at 3,000.

“We are on track. The number of employees at Wattens has stabilised. This year the group will reach the break-even goal and be in the black!” These are the main key messages from the Swarovski leadership, presented by CEO Alexis Nasard on Wednesday.

The company shows sustainable growth and the B2B business, where crystal components are produced for business customers, is developing well. First and foremost the mobility sector. “We are consistently developing this fast-growing segment to expand our portfolio of collaborations.”

Nasard: “12 percent more sales than last year”
Savings measures and cost discipline have been implemented at the Wattens site and a turnover of 172 million euros was achieved in the first five months of the current year – 12 percent more than in the previous year. In doing so, Nasard builds on the principle of “savoir-faire”. A seasoned combination of ability and execution. The most important elements (such as characters) of what makes Swarovski unique in the world. For Nasard and his team, the product is “king” and the customer is “queen” – and this comes with breakthrough innovations. In doing so, he is implementing his LUXignite strategy.

Essential steps are also planned in Wattens. The location must become even more efficient and the infrastructure must be adapted to the requirements of a modern company. “We will level off here at 3,000 employees,” says Nasard.

Investments of 50 million euros planned
The search for a director general for Wattens is still ongoing, but a decision will be made before the end of the month. “Wattens will emerge stronger from our LUXignite strategy. We plan to invest more than EUR 50 million in the Wattens site over the next two years. Also in sustainability,” says the Swarovski boss.

Source: Krone


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