Advertising industry: – “32-hour work week is job destruction”


Jürgen Bauer, the department chairman for advertising and market communications at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, has a clear message in the interview with “The demand for a 32-hour working week corresponds to job destruction.” Generation Z” There are still plenty of young professionals in their thirties who want to achieve enormous results.

“It is wrong to only talk about weekly working hours. What would be good would be to have jobs in the advertising and agency industries that are fun and meaningful for those affected.”

A reduction in the number of hours with full wage compensation “is not feasible, because otherwise hourly rates for clients would have to be increased, causing employment agencies to lose orders and jobs. This is because foreign competitors who do not have to accept a reduction in hours would be cheaper.”

Bauer also speaks a lot in other ways: “Many companies are fighting to survive. Things have become very difficult in the sector. “Moreover, we are all ‘first movers’ and must therefore immediately master all new developments, whether in the field of IT or artificial intelligence.”

In the video above you can see many more explosive details, such as the opportunities for the domestic advertising industry in international comparison.

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Source: Krone


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