JComms receives awards and credits as it celebrates 45 years in business –


Gauri Minnie, President, Jane Wales, Director, Chris Harrison, CEO, and Jane Williams, Director of Brand Communications.

JComms has won a number of major awards and accreditations as it represents an important milestone.

The company won five awards at this month’s CIPR PRide Awards: four gold and one silver.

It has also recently received Investor Accreditation (IIP) and is accredited by the Good Business Charter (GBC), which encourages and recognizes responsible business practices in areas such as the environment, employees, customers and suppliers.

This comes after JComms celebrated nearly half a century in business in 2021, founded in 1976.

The company provides services that include consumer and corporate public relations, digital content, video production, and event management.

In 2020, JComms was named a Senior UK Junior Consultant by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). In 2019, the company was awarded the NI Consultancy Outstanding Award at the CIPR PRide Awards.

The gold awards won by JComms in the 2021 CIPR PRide Awards are Best Use of Content, Best Response to Covid, Best Education Campaign, and Arts, Sports, Culture and Entertainment Campaign. It was the Silver Award for this year’s Regional Campaign.

Commenting on JComms, which provides third-party accreditation to investors, IIP CEO Paul Devoy said, ‚ÄúCongratulations to JComms. Accreditation with We Invest in People is an excellent endeavor for any organization and puts JComms into a great company with many organizations that understand the value of people.” ”

The judges for the CIPR PRide Awards announced:

This campaign was a favorite of the jury. Not only was the creative performance absolutely fantastic and the overall plan for social reach and media coverage robust, but the judges were particularly impressed with the level of opinion used, for target audience identification and reporting. Impact selection to ensure both guarantee. Messages and content are targeted. Excellent campaign and well-deserved gold award.

#fightback reflects everything this class was created for. Simple and effective messaging, bold proactive, and useful content delivered when it’s needed most. The fact that two competing agencies collaborated for the campaign exemplifies all the good that has been achieved in 2020.

While the great outside world has played an important role in keeping people in the mood, it was great to read about the important work Ulster Wildlife is doing to connect young people with nature. Judges were stunned by the clarity of this campaign, particularly by influencing key policy makers and having a solid plan to get there. The use of an authentic visual storytelling style, along with powerful media and public relations, makes him a Gold Award winner in this category.

A creative, diligent campaign that has spared no effort in terms of participation and impact.

Source: Belfastlive


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