The gas storage is filled to the brim; electricity and gas consumption have fallen significantly


Consumption of both electricity and gas in Austria fell significantly in September. E-Control recorded a 6.5 percent decline in electricity at 4.64 TWh compared to the same period last year, while gas consumption fell 21.6 percent to 3.86 TWh compared to the same month last year, E-Control said. Knowing control in a broadcast.

Although electricity consumption fell in September, approximately 2.2 percent more electricity was generated at 5.41 TWh than in the same period last year. Hydroelectric power stations generated 6.6 percent more electricity and wind turbines 7.8 percent more. In return, electricity production from thermal power stations was reduced by almost a third (32.2 percent). With a balanced import/export balance, exports rose by 18.9 percent in September, while imports fell by 14.7 percent.

Generated 10 percent more electricity
For the period April to September, the authority reported a 10 percent increase in electricity generation. About two-thirds of this came from hydroelectric power stations, about 13 percent from thermal power stations and 8.4 percent from wind turbines.

E-Control registered a sharper decline in gas consumption in September: consumption fell by 1.06 TWh to 3.86 TWh. Domestic production including the input of biogenic gases fell by 13.1 percent to 0.5 TWh. Because physical imports in September were 68.4 percent lower than in the same period last year and exports fell by 71.6 percent, the import balance was considerably lower at approximately 5.5 TWh than in September 2022.

In the months April to September, the authority recorded a 7.3 percent decline in retail sales, while production fell 11.4 percent.

The gas storage facilities are filled to the brim
In September, 76.3 percent less gas was stored at 3.27 TWh than in the same month last year. At 1.29 TWh, 34.8 percent less gas was extracted. Storage content increased by 21.3 percent in September compared to the same period last year. Currently (as of Friday), Austrian gas storage facilities are 99.52 percent full, according to the Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) website.

Source: Krone


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