Gastro price driver – 5.3 percent: inflation has barely slowed in November


According to Statistics Austria, inflation in Austria fell only slightly to 5.3 percent in November, after 5.4 percent in October. The previous trend of declining inflation rates is weakening considerably.

Compared to the previous month of October, there was a price increase of 0.2 percent, the authority announced on Tuesday. “We are currently observing very contradictory price movements,” said Tobias Thomas, Managing Director of Statistics Austria, according to the broadcast.

Domestic energy hardly dampens prices
On the one hand, price increases are decreasing in many areas, especially in restaurants. Fuel remained significantly cheaper than in the same month last year. On the other hand, household energy has a less price-dampening effect than in previous months. According to Thomas, package holidays have become significantly more expensive.

Prices for restaurants and accommodation providers were also the main driver of inflation in November compared to the previous year. According to calculations by Statistics Austria, inflation without expenditure on restaurants, hotels and housing would be only 2.9 percent.

Source: Krone


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