“No longer needed” – OMV has stopped the Schwechat-Bratislava pipeline


OMV and Slovakia’s Transpetrol have now finally put an end to the construction of an oil pipeline from Bratislava to Schwechat. The two companies have been trying in vain to obtain all necessary permits in Slovakia for more than twenty years, OMV said on Monday.

“And in view of the energy transition that lies ahead, we have come to the conclusion that investments in an additional oil pipeline are no longer necessary.” OMV planned to build the oil pipeline as early as 2003 to secure Austria’s future supply. long-term.

The original plan called for a length of 62 kilometers to connect Austria directly to the “Druzhba” (“Friendship”) network. Because the country has not imported oil from Russia since February 2023, the pipeline is outdated.

Crude oil supply secured
However, the supply of crude oil to the refinery is ensured via the two existing pipelines: the Adria-Vienna pipeline and the Transalpine pipeline. The operating company has now been dissolved.

The planned construction was delayed by many aspects, including uncertainty about Transpetrol’s ownership structure. The Russian company Yukos is said to have owned 49 percent of Transpetrol for a long time; the Slovak company was only able to acquire the shares in 2009.

Source: Krone


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