Full order books – aviation is flourishing: FACC is looking for 400 new employees


Because the demand for aircraft for short and medium-haul routes is high and the aviation industry has put the Corona layer behind it, FACC’s order book will remain full for years to come. At the same time, a future market is now becoming a reality: air taxis are starting to take off in the world’s metropolises.

San Jose is called the heart of Silicon Valley. Tech giant Google is building a gigantic campus in the American city. Archer Aviation is also based here, a company that says it wants people to think about how they get around and what they do with their time.

Mix of drone and small aircraft
Archer builds electric planes that seat four passengers, take off and land vertically like helicopters and look like a cross between a small plane and a drone. The first flights have been made, certification is underway and production is being ramped up at the same time. The air taxi is expected to enter service in New York in 2025, connecting Newark Airport to Manhattan. Traffic jams are avoided and a lot of time is saved.

Prediction: Urban air mobility will be a multi-billion dollar business
This is just one example of how much the future market called Urban Air Mobility is now becoming a reality – which in turn opens doors for FACC, which produces rudder and elevator. The people of Innviertel recognized the potential early on and were development partners of the autonomously flying air taxi EHang 216 from China from the start. Urban air mobility will become a multi-billion dollar business, FACC wants to get a small piece of it and is already expanding production capacity.

400 new employees in 2024 alone
Because the aviation industry is booming and the demand for short- and medium-haul airlines is high, the occupancy rate is high anyway. “We are very well booked for the next seven to ten years,” says boss Robert Machtlinger. The expansion of the workforce in Upper Austria is in full swing: “400 new employees are planned for 2024.” The company currently has 3,500 employees worldwide.

Source: Krone


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