Rins, a ‘lifeguard’ who can change Quartararo’s course


yamaha He needs to get out of the hole he’s been in for two seasons. Those from Iwata championed in 2021 with Fabio Quartararo but since then they have gone downhill and have no brakes. They finished 2023 as one of the worst bikes on the grid and the Frenchman finished with a huge disappointment that could end in a bye if things don’t change in 2024.

But in the preseason things at the Japanese factory have changed. The arrival of Alex Rins on Yamaha It provides fresh air which for Quartararo is key to the development of the M1 which needs to be improved like the food. Comparing the relationship with Morbidelli does not leave the Italian in a good place.

“With Álex, I feel very good. In general, I have talked with hI had more contact with him in one test than Morbidelli in four years. As is, this is what I think and this is the truth. It’s nice to go to the other side of the garage to talk naturally. Before, when Franco was there, I didn’t dare,” he commented in remarks reported by Motorsport.com.

Better but still far

Yamaha, including sling bag, will open in 2024 with concessions (a series of advantages over other brands) to try to return to the top. In the Sepang tests and shakedown, the sensations improved compared to Valencia but they are still far from where they want to be.

Fabio Quartararo He was first among the Japanese on the time table at the end of the three days but finished 11th position. The Frenchman is more than eight tenths behind the season of Bagnaia. A world. SA Rinse time is not important because what is important is adaptation and the 15th came more than a second.

Alex was a key piece for Suzuki to become world champions in 2020 and his performance was excellent until the Hamamatsu team’s farewell in 2022. Last year, the only glimmer of light in Honda’s darkness was Rins with amazing success in Austin. It is clear that the Barcelona man is a safe bet to fight again.

Source: La Verdad


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