Repair duration unclear – Accident in OMV: State releases fuel reserves


An accident at OMV has consequences, at least in the short term. In the interest of security of supply and to bridge any longer maintenance work, Austria is releasing part of its fuel reserves. Petrol and diesel are made available to compensate for the loss of production. A corresponding energy control regulation will be issued by the Ministry of Climate Protection.

A mechanical incident at the Schwechat refinery’s main distillation plant on Friday claimed two minor injuries. The commissioning of the refinery, which has been shut down for maintenance since April 19, is now being postponed. The investigation into the exact extent of the damage is still ongoing.

National Council to agree later
In order to ensure that the reserves are released quickly, the necessary approval will be given afterwards in the Main Committee of the National Council. According to government information, the parliamentary parties have been informed of this procedure. The release serves only to secure the supply of necessary fuels until the damage is repaired or alternative deliveries arrive in Austria.

Austria has reserves for 90 days
The oil reserve includes the average Austrian oil consumption of 90 days. Not only crude oil, but also waste fuels such as petrol and diesel are part of this reserve. 112,000 tons of diesel and 56,000 tons of gasoline are now released. In total, the reserve stored in Austria is reduced by the consumption of six days.

Delivery insured according to Nehammer
Chancellor Karl Nehammer emphasized in a broadcast that the security of fuel supply had been secured despite the incident: “Nobody has to worry about that.” The reserves are there for precisely those kinds of cases. According to Minister of Infrastructure Leonore Gewessler (Greens), it is not yet clear how long it will take to repair the damage. In order to bridge longer repair works, part of the state oil reserve is being released. An additional 14 days of petrol and diesel would be provided.

Source: Krone


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