For several months now – AUA: KV negotiations enter the next round


The conflict between employee representatives and the AUA continues to smolder. There is still no common denominator. The next round of discussions will take place on Wednesday.

The AUA negotiations for a new KV on board appear to have no end in sight. These also did not lead to a conclusion on Monday.

Already millions in damage
The next round of talks will now take place on Wednesday, the union told the APA. The tug-of-war over a new collective labor agreement for shipboard personnel has been going on for several months. A strike and several company meetings this spring led to hundreds of flight cancellations and millions in damages for the airline.

In a vote among Vida union members early last week, 90 percent decided against the AUA’s final offer. Voter turnout in the elections was 88 percent and approximately 60 percent of the staff on board are members of vida.

Source: Krone


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