Iberdrola will pay an additional dividend to its shareholders for massive attendance at its meeting


The 70% target set by the company has been exceeded

Today, Ignacio Galán has achieved an ambitious target that had been set for months, with a special call for more than 70% of the share capital to participate, directly or by proxy, in the shareholders’ meeting. The official data from the shareholders’ meeting reflects the participation of shareholders representing 72.13% of the capital, which is eight points more than in last year’s call. This percentage means that a total of 71,400 shareholders attended the meeting, most of them electronically or by proxy to the chairman.

The company had encouraged this participation bonus with an economic ‘root’ and a reform of the bylaws. For example, the company’s corporate governance will include the condition that an extraordinary dividend will be paid if the 70% attendance at the meetings is exceeded. This year it will be 1 euro per 200 shares.

The outcome of the shareholders’ meeting also represents an important support for the corporate strategy of the company and it should also be understood that the management of the president, for many controversies in which he has been involved. Just over 98% of those in attendance supported last year’s management, meaning they received explicit support from nearly 71% of the company’s share capital. A high and unusual percentage.

The extraordinary dividend will be added to the 0.44 euros per share that the company will pay out – a part has already been paid into the account – as a dividend charged to the profit of 2021. The chairman of the company has assured that the company will years will continue to increase the remuneration to shareholders.

Nobody knows that the president of the company has encouraged this massive participation, difficult to achieve in publicly traded companies with tens of thousands of shareholders scattered around the world, at a very delicate moment. Ignacio Galán has been at the center of a minor earthquake over the past year, conditioned by his accusation in the ‘Villarejo case’, the tensions with the government over the intervention of the electricity market and the controversies raised by some of his statements. brought. Especially the one in which he assured that “only fools pay the regulated tariff” on the electricity bill, which brought him much criticism, including from the government. The third vice president and head of the ecological transition, Teresa Ribera, admitted she felt “embarrassed” by these demonstrations.

Source: La Verdad


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