Bars stay open – Burgerista restaurant chain needs restructuring


Bars stay open – Burgerista restaurant chain needs restructuring

Due to the corona pandemic and the accompanying lockdowns, Burgerista stumbled – now the company, based in Traun (Upper Austria), pulled a tightrope. The burger restaurant chain has filed for restructuring.

“Burgerista was able to build on old sales levels after the lockdowns, but we are experiencing an unprecedented combination of negative factors impacting the restaurant business,” said Thomas Burscheidt, Managing Director of Burgerista Holding.

A total of nine locations
Burgerista Operations gmbh, which operates from Traun (Upper Austria), can no longer handle the sharp rise in purchasing, wages, rent and energy costs. The result: The burger restaurant chain filed for restructuring. In the course of the insolvency proceedings, they want to reposition themselves. The nine restaurants in Upper Austria, Vienna and Salzburg will remain open until further notice.

Source: Krone


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