Baden, Parking & Co. – Vienna: this is how rates have increased since 2010


Sewage, sewage, waste, even dying – the rates are rising in Vienna, and not just for a few months. We looked: How were the prices in 2010?

Next year, Vienna rates will rise again – as reported, sewage, sewage and waste will become more expensive despite the crisis. Reason enough for us to take a look back – how have prices changed in the city since 2010? One thing is clear: it will never get cheaper. All details:

To bathe:
The rates have increased since 2010: adults 4.70 to 6.20 euros (+31.91%). 3.70 reduced to 4.60 euros (+24.32%). Young people 2.60 to 3.40 euros (+30.77%). Children 1.60 to 2.10 euros (+31.25%). Half-year ticket 106.20 to 130.20 euros (+22.60%). There was also an increase in the front cabin – from 603 to 651 euros.

Vienna lines:
Compared to other major cities, Vienna has more than just moderate prices with the 365 euro annual card. From the office of the responsible alderman Peter Hanke: “Overall, the rates have only changed very slightly in the last 10 years by about 11 percent compared to the last 10 years. Wiener Linien’s offer has grown by about 17 percent in the same period.” The one-way fare was increased in 2009 as part of a fare adjustment – the difference with the current price is 33 percent.

“For a grave, the adjustment is about 32.6 percent since 2010,” the city says.

The park:
Here we look back 14 years: “Federal compensation has actually become more expensive. From 13.20 to 14.30 euros, the city is not responsible for this. The fee for the federal administration has increased by +30 cents to EUR 3.90, the municipal administration has been reduced from EUR 44.69 to EUR 35.70. So a drop of -20.12%,” Hanke’s office continued. In the inner districts (1st-9th arrondissement, 15th arrondissement including Stadthalle and 20th arrondissement) there was a reduction from 11.25 to 10 euros, or approximately 11.11 percent reduction. With the introduction of the national parking sticker on 1 March 2022, the parking sticker in the suburbs has been increased from 6.06 to 10 euros, i.e. +65.02% in 12 years. Of course, the increase for the coming year is not included here.

Source: Krone


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