‘Stay’: a 20-year-old canary is the most listened to singer in the world


Quevedo and Argentinian DJ Bizarrap sign the song of the summer, which has been at the top of the Spotify charts for a month

Neither Rosalía’s ‘Despecha’, Bad Bunny’s ‘Titi asked me’, or Shakira and Raw Alejandro’s ‘I congratulate you’. The song that has been number one on Spotify for a month and is therefore the most listened to in the world is called ‘BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 52’, even if you ask at the beach bar it’s better to call it ‘Stay’: ‘Stay, let the nights without you hurt. / I’ve got the poses and all the moans in my mind / That I don’t want anything more that is not with you”.

Nearly 320 million views on Spotify this Monday, August 22, deserve to be considered the song of the summer. Behind the reggaeton rhythm and the almost indecipherable lyrics under the autotune that distorts the voice, hide two twenty-somethings: the Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap (1.5 million followers on Instagram and 4 on Twitter) and the singer from Madrid from the Canary Islands. Islands of Quevedo. At the age of 20, Pedro Luis Domínguez Quevedo has gone from producing his own songs to collaborating with stars like Ed Sheeran in just two years. And it’s that the new stars of urban music no longer follow the path to success of their older brothers. Record labels, media interviews and appearances in television programs went down in history. Quevedo started writing his own songs in 2019 and a year later he already had 350,000 plays on Spotify. Together with his friend and producer Linton, the artist uploaded songs such as “Yotekomo”, “Chamaquita” and “Universitaria” to YouTube, garnering millions of views. If you don’t know them, you probably don’t know of other rappers and reggaeton artists Quevedo has collaborated with, such as Juseph, Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafuné, El Ima and El Duki.

Despite his 20 years, the author of ‘Quédate’ is very clear about the essential role of social networks when it comes to succeeding in music. When the critic of ‘El País’ describes his song as “embarrassing” and “the canonization of nothingness”, the artist reacts on Instagram – one and a half million followers – showing his ass.

Pedro Domínguez Quevedo was born in Madrid on December 7, 2001. A few months later, his family moved to Brazil, where he lived until he settled in Gran Canaria at the age of five. Trap, hip hop and Latin rhythms permeated a boy who is already working on his first studio album with twenty singles. “He’s a simple guy who works and life isn’t too complicated,” says his manager, Félix Rodríguez Navarro, who managed to get Quevedo’s voice next to Ed Sheeran’s in the remix of ‘2step’ last May. one of the latest releases from the Brit, who has already collected 12 versions with musicians from different parts of the planet.

The catchy chorus of ‘Quédate’ has jumped from the dance floors and festivals to the football fields: Betis, Las Palmas and the Argentina team have adopted it as their national anthem. Since Friday, he is also number one in Los 40 Principales. The best proof of Quevedo’s popularity? His name in Google no longer provides the first reaction of the author of ‘El buscón’…

Source: La Verdad


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