“I always say ‘The Island of Temptations’ makes me a better person”


Sandra Barneda leads the fifth edition of the program, which returns to Telecinco this Wednesday

Telecinco once again puts loyalty in love to the test of temptation. Five new young couples, aged between 23 and 32, with relationships ranging from eight months to two and a half years, subdue the strength of their love bond with other singles with whom they have romantic dates and encounters in an environment conducive to sin. in two villages in the Dominican Republic.

And in the background, avoiding the unpredictable situations that can arise, is presenter Sandra Barneda, who described the fifth edition of ‘The island of temptations’ as ‘the season of surprises’.

The first episode will premiere on the network on Wednesday evening at 10:50 PM, although there will be a preview at 8 PM, before the Pedro Piqueras newscast, to introduce the contestants of this new season.

The presenter told the media on Tuesday that she continues to “hallucinate with everything that can happen” with love as the background and people’s inability to control their emotions.

“The couples appear to be arriving shrewdly because they already know the format, but that will remain in the sand when they break up. They are terrified,” Barneda revealed, for whom the new part of “reality” is “very mental” because “the temptation is sometimes in one’s own mind.” “We will all suffer and feel identified with the paranoia of our minds that are far removed from reality,” he confessed.

For Barneda, the Telecinco format, which he produces in collaboration with Cuarzo Producciones (Banijay Iberia), is a mirror of our relationships in which “we discover how we are” by the “brave”, referring to the couples on the program , who participate and that they eventually reveal that ‘it’s harder than they thought’ to stay in ‘reality’.

“I always say that ‘The Island of Temptations’ makes me a better person,” said the journalist, highlighting one of the most exciting moments in the participants’ lives together. “It’s someone who is totally broken and has the ability to speak the way he speaks. I really liked it because he doesn’t speak out of anger, but from a place that is a lesson he taught me personally. I think that it will be very emotional,” he continued.

There will also be the mythical expression of the space – «there are (more) images for you»- that allows the protagonists, in the famous bonfires, to see fragments of their partner’s behavior and attitude in the villa where they meet the singles.

For now, Barneda explained that he always does an earlier job of containment. “It’s a practice of active listening, guiding and understanding them. I’m not trying to judge them,” said the Catalan presenter and writer who, however, experienced a moment of tension during the filming by evicting one of the couples from the island in advance, and for the first time in the program’s history .

The format returns to Telecinco for another season with new features to maintain its high ratings. ‘Island of Temptations’ retired in January with a viewer share of 16.9% and more than 2.2 million followers, the least-watched edition to date, but it has become a phenomenon among 16-year-olds to 34 years of age, where the ‘share’ shot up to 30.1%.

Now the format faces the challenge of increasing the monthly average of the first Mediaset channel (currently 11.9% compared to 13.3% of Antena 3) and also of Cuatro, as there will be a live debate organized on Monday evening by Sandra Barneda, to analyze what happened at the galas on Wednesday.

Thus, the program will continue to show the dreaded ‘light of temptation’, which has aroused concern, mistrust and other sensations among the protagonists of previous editions.

In this new adventure, there will be five lights of five different colors that will cause confusion among the participants. Singles will also have a new power over the members of the couples as they can evict the protagonist who enjoys the experience less for 24 hours.

In addition, during the fifth edition, there will be an ’emergency fire’, the first in the history of ‘reality’, which will curb living together in one of the villas, which will be a decisive turning point in the experience of couples .

Source: La Verdad


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