A new universe for Fortuna


Short movie. Mónica Bardem and Nerea Barros star in Jairo González’s fiction debut, with a setting inspired by the municipality of Murcia

“The disappearance of a child in the small town of Fortuna sets off a series of events that will affect the life of the local detective,” reads the synopsis of ‘Fortuna’, the first short fiction film by Benidorm director Jairo González. “The story of Miguelito is an excuse to discover what lies behind the leading family,” says the creator of a ‘thriller’ starring Mónica Bardem – daughter of Pilar Bardem and sister of Javier Bardem and Carlos Bardem –, Nerea Barros and Julio Jimenez.

The character of Bardem is seen in the city as a lonely person with few friends. A woman who one day decides to escape the routine and show herself as the vigilante that she is, discovers the truth about her ex-husband, the police chief of the city where she lives, Fortuna.

Nerea Barros plays her daughter. The inspector is careful and calm. He will discover, thanks to his mother’s cunning, one of the greatest atrocities that have taken place in the area.

In this plot of lies and the search for justice set in the 1990s, Julio Jiménez plays the father and ex-husband, who are respected in the city for being the chief of police for the past 25 years. The achievements of various investigations are attributed to him, but in reality he hides great secrets.

“The short film is not based on a Fortuna story,” explains the director, who finds more connections between the plot and other “American or non-Hispanic” stories.

So why Fortune? «’Fortuna’ is a story of three. Mía, by Anna Albi, Valencian cinematographer, and Óscar Férez, who is from Alcantarilla. He was the one who told me about Fortuna and said ‘I want to change the universe of Fortuna’». So with that idea they moved to the mountains of Madrid to film the project. “Fortuna is a rainy city and the trees are shorter. We have taken that concept to a winter Fortuna. This is how we built our own universe through a city that attracted us, even by name.

According to González, it is precisely this game of locations that seems to be particularly popular with professionals in the industry. The short film was presented three weeks ago at the LA Short International Film Festival in Los Angeles, is screened at the RIFF – Reykjavík International Film Festival (Iceland) – and is on its way to the Goya Awards. ‘Fortuna’ can be seen this Friday at 9.30 pm at the Casa de Vacas de El Retiro, in Madrid.

Source: La Verdad


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