‘Pistol’ Emphasizes To Devoted Viewers That Such A Thing Will Never Happen The Way The World Works Today

The death of Elizabeth II almost coincides with the premiere of ‘Pistol’, the series inspired by the life and chaos of the British band Sex Pistols, the banner of the punk movement in the late 1970s. Furiously scratching the guitars , and practically no knowledge of the instrument, the group, among other niceties, shouted “I’m an antichrist, I’m an anarchist”, and in the popular song “God Save the Queen” they branded the monarchical regime of the United Kingdom as fascist.

Metaphorically, this recommendable proposal, inspired by real events, where nudity and a controlled apology for drugs are released, was released on Disney+, where they no longer loathe people’s low instincts to make money. Times have changed and we don’t know where they are going. Directed by Danny Boyle, the director of the referential ‘Trainspotting’, suggestive aesthetic decisions are made and the casting seems (almost) perfect. Exciting, especially for those who remember that time, the use of archival footage, the reproduction of the original concertos, the description of the characters and the rendering of anecdotes make for a highly regarded entertainment show, crisscrossed by a strong sense of melancholy.

Portrait of an era, ‘Pistol’ emphasizes to the devoted viewer that such a thing will never happen, just as the world works today. The punk spirit, seen from a distance, is the living dead. These days, all you have to do is read Johnny Rotten, the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, to accept society’s taming: Twitter condolences for the monarch’s death, as if he had never sung from the guts “God save the queen, she is not human, there is no future”, while offering the sale of NFTs.

Source: La Verdad


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