All televisions have repeated the problem, investigated and found that many countries have plans for the zombie invasion

They say it is not helpful to mention the devil and on Tuesday on TVE Pedro Sánchez mentioned it. He said that after everything that’s happened to the government (pandemic, volcano, war in Europe…), all that’s left is a zombie invasion. Worse than lying to the devil. All the televisions have repeated the issue, investigated and found that many countries have plans for the zombie invasion. Even the United States has posted those plans on the Internet, available to citizens.

The joke that was set up, well told last Wednesday by the always great Cristina Gallego in ‘El Intermedio’, among others, is unanimous, but… Within the festive recreation activities on the zombie world, On October 11, in the context of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival hold the traditional ‘zombie walk’, a fun march where hundreds of people dressed and made up as zombies parade the city streets like the living dead. Everything helps us prepare, just in case.

In the days of Mariano Rajoy, a Compromise senator asked the then president if the government of Spain had any plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The answer was no. At what times did that seem like a joke. Nowadays, where there are guys who keep claiming that the Earth is flat, does it still seem like a joke or is it a hunch? Ghostly! But we have one consolation, let’s think about the devil again and remember that before the zombie apocalypse we still have the meteorite. Do not believe it? See on Netflix ‘Don’t look up’, which is a compendium of human stupidity in addition to one of those blood-curdling comedies.

Source: La Verdad


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