We could never have fully understood the attorney without meeting Kim Wexler, his colleague, his friend, and later his wife, with whom he told us one of the best-told adult relationship stories in current fiction.

It’s been weeks since ‘Better Call Saul’ ended and it still comes back to me from time to time. This may seem silly, because it’s also not that long since the last chapter of Vince Gilligan’s opus aired. But it’s not that easy for a series to make its mark in these times where ten appear every Friday and the same number are announced every Monday. Everything is consumed and quickly forgotten. Very fast. Everything except ‘Better Call Saul’.

The prequel to ‘Breaking Bad’ is designed to be consumed carefully, without haste and without preconceived ideas. Because even if it looked like it, it wouldn’t have anything to do with what we’d already seen and because they wouldn’t be in a hurry to find out what their true intentions were. Besides telling us who Saul was, he wanted to show how many people around us influence the way we behave, the decisions we make. We could never have fully understood the lawyer without meeting all those who surrounded him, especially those Kim Wexler, his colleague, his friend and later his wife, with whom he gave us one of the stories of adult relationships best told. of current fictions. We are not forgotten.

By the way, actress Rhea Seehorn is set to star in Gilligan’s next project, which was left behind by Apple TV+ determined to be the next HBO. Seehorn has deserved to have won every award in the world in recent years. He didn’t win them. Possibly because it was part of a series that has nothing to do with the current demand among platform users. It is also true that thanks to that singularity, it will take a long time to forget Saul and his people.

Source: La Verdad


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