“I’m a footballer and I want you to see me as a rookie, with my virtues and my flaws”


The popular Betis player will debut this Wednesday evening on Antena 3 with his own television program, in which he will interview famous people.

The managers of the production house Proamagna (‘My house is yours’) soon saw the potential of footballer Joaquín Sánchez on television. “The whole team was in love. We found that he was not only sympathetic, but also an overwhelming personality that he showed without complex”, explains Pablo Carrasco, executive producer of ‘Joaquín, el novato’, about Atresmedia’s great signing for the new season. The Betis player makes his debut with an interview program on Antena 3, starting tonight at 10:45pm, where he briefly leaves the football field to chat with popular characters and search for his “perfect job”.

In recent years, the footballer has appeared in various television rooms in which he has captivated audiences and skyrocketed the ratings. He is a character that is loved by viewers. The last example was his intervention in ‘El Hormiguero’, which yielded historical data: more than 3 million followers and a viewership of 23.8%. Now Joaquín will lead his first format in front of the cameras, having signed a contract with Atresmedia as a presenter that will lead him to chain professional projects far from his daily routine.

“I want you to think I’m not a presenter. I am a footballer and I want you to see me as a rookie, with my strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed it as a little boy”, admits the man from Cádiz about his debut on the small screen, in which he will share the space with other popular guests with whom, as he said, he had a “fatal” time. The shooting of this new project, produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Proamagna, started in September 2021 and has lasted all these months.

In the first episodes, the footballer learns to cook with Dabiz Muñoz and sings together with internationally known artists such as Rosario Flores. He will also share the stage with Los Morancos and will learn about television from an Ondas Award like Pablo Motos. Of the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’, Joaquín admits that he is his reference “because of his way of interviewing” and how he conducts the interviews. The astronaut and former minister Pedro Duque and the journalists Mercedes Milá and Vicente Vallés will be other guests who will go through the first round of the season.

From his first television experience, the footballer explains that he has tried to enjoy it like “no one else”. “I have had the experience of having an Atresmedia program that has given me all the facilities in the world and we have always been happy,” he confesses. Joaquín admits that the hardest part has been “planning” because it has been a year where he has worked “dust”. «We have worked a lot, but with enthusiasm and pleasure. The fact that a person can smile for a moment in his life and get him out of the troubles that we all have on a daily basis will already have been worth it,” says the Betis player, who also reveals that his shirt sweated more on the television then on the football field.”There have been days when I was ready and I wanted to take a shower,” he jokes.

‘Joaquín, el novato’, Antena 3’s new bet, begins each chapter with a piece of fiction in which the footballer dreams of something related to the profession of the guy he’s going to meet in that episode. During his reverie, the footballer imagines himself in a task unknown to him. However, this fiction will reach its climax when Joaquín suddenly wakes up and returns home, with his wife and daughters, to reality, realizing that all his abilities were the result of his imagination.

After the dream, the episode opens with an interview in which the Andalusian discusses key moments in his teacher’s personal and professional career. Joaquín wants to try out different jobs that he will do as soon as he hangs up his football boots, so he will also receive practical lessons about his future profession, such as singing in a music studio, cooking in a restaurant or acting in a theater. Of course, he acknowledges that he still has professions, such as tennis, that he hopes to try in future parts of the program. “I don’t even know how to hold a racket, Julio,” he says with a laugh.

Source: La Verdad


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