La 7 premieres its image and presents its new content


The regional broadcaster of the Region is committed to a varied programming, with 13 hours of live broadcasts every day

La 7 has just presented the novelties for this television season, with a change of corporate image and a new website, Thus, the regional chain, which is managed by Grupo Secuoya and which yesterday ushered in the new phase in an act held in the Culture Hall of the Cajamurcia Foundation, is betting on its logo for the change to La 7, as it is in the region popularly known.

As far as programming goes, direct programming and proximity to the present will continue to be the backbone, as described by the chain in a note. In this way, all content is broadcast live from the various production centers between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. The news programs have a new set, in which a state-of-the-art screen of 30 square meters has been installed. In addition, it will get a new virtual space equipped with the latest 4K technology.

The programming has already welcomed some new programs such as the return of ‘Ailoviu’, the evening magazine produced by La 7 in collaboration with UCAM and presented by Antonio Hidalgo. As a result of this collaboration, the daily competition ‘El Pinchazo’ also started a new phase, led by Fran Sáez, who also plays ‘¡Vámonos!’ every Saturday and Sunday. organizes, a space that bets on sports in all its versions.

Encarna Talavera, head of programs at La 7, leads the network’s team of reporters every day to tell life live on ‘Murcia connects’, while María Pina does the same every morning in ‘Stay with me’, the morning magazine about regional television , two programs that, together with the public service spaces ‘Región de Murcia employs’ -with Lorena Vera– and ‘Corazón solidario’ -organized by María José Ortiz– are the result of the collaboration between the Secuoya Group and the Vocento Group .

At the weekend, Alfonso de la Cruz and María José del Vas take over with ‘We are all here’, a program that covers the region bit by bit to learn about the traditions, festivals and gastronomy of all places.

La 7 also finalizes the premiere of other novelties for the prime time slot, which will join the already experienced ‘Oro molio’ presented by Alfonso de la Cruz, and ‘El corazón de la fiesta’ , the one with Nazaret Navarro , approaches the interior of the various festivities in the Region. The chain will support another season for ‘Diario de sésiones’, the space for parliamentarism, now hosted by Jaime García, and for other already emblematic spaces, such as ‘An economy for people’, which analyze aspects of the social economy , and ‘Diario del campo’, the program that presents all the news from the rural world and current affairs in the agricultural sector.

Source: La Verdad


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