La Yeseria Bar exists 30 years


Weekend. The mythical concert hall of the city of Murcia is hosting a series of performances today and tomorrow with some surprises

A must-have nightlife bar in the city of Murcia, La Yesería is turning 30 and celebrating this weekend. A concert hall with a pedigree in the center of Murcia, on Calle Santa Quietria, 22, for many the place where outstanding indie bands from the regional scene launched their projects. As part of MurciaLive!, an association of music venues in the Murcia region, its promoters define it as “an alternative venue with a fairly loyal audience over the years, committed to a completely experimental style, nestled between the avant-garde, the intimate style, introspective or jazz, electronic and rock.Always ready to welcome emerging groups, it has a very varied program, although focused on styles related to indie.» During these thirty years, La Yesería has organized all kinds of concerts and cycles, in collaboration with festivals such as Lemon Pop and Microsonidos, and was the venue that first gave support to fledgling groups, from Second to Noise Box, from Parade – in 2021 they presented ‘La deriva sentimental’– to El Verbo Odiado or The Levitants Just a few names for a history that goes back three decades.”Exciting memories and a lot of desire to play live again,” said Antonio Galvañ ( Parade).

For Jutxa Ródenas, the DJ and manager of the venue, the surprise factor will prevail this weekend: “About 30 musicians who have been here before will perform again and play with each other.” All of these, together with the long list of concerts that La Yesería has been programming practically every weekend for 30 years, are part of the reason for this anniversary. But without a doubt, the cultural space is distinguished by its clientele: “We have a super loyal audience, the same as 30 years ago.”

Some of those who come now are even children of the attendees or musicians who came at the beginning,” says Ródenas. This weekend’s party is “for those who want to come and meet us and it’s a little detail we wanted to have with those of their lives.” And it is that many musicians and customers who are already friends will come, “some even live outside the city”, the DJ proudly explains. Whether you know Yesería or not, Jutxa Ródenas and her team invite all lovers of independent music to celebrate her 30th birthday. This Friday Maraca Vieja, Speedballs, ROSS and Mar MG will perform.

Source: La Verdad


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