Sabina quits Pancho Varona after 40 tours and 15 albums


The decision was made by the singer-songwriter himself, although the guitarist has communicated it on his Twitter account

Joaquín Sabina will not have on this upcoming tour the guitarist who accompanied him for much of his musical career, together on up to 40 tours. The announcement was made by Varona himself through his Twitter account with a clear reference to the upcoming tour, dubbed “Against all odds”, which kicks off February 25 in San José, Costa Rica.

“Joaquín Sabina has decided, against all odds, not to count on me for his next tour,” begins the message in which Varona regrets Sabina’s decision, while thanking him “with all my heart” for the 100 songs they wrote together, the 40 tours they made and the 15 albums where Varona was their producer.

“While I won’t be on this tour, I want to tell everyone who has accompanied me for 40 years that I will always be on every stage with you. Millions of thanks and all my love! Very sorry,” he concluded in his publication on social networks.

In this way, during the next tour arriving in Spain on April 20 next year, the person who has been Sabina’s most faithful companion and squire and one of the musicians most loved by the singer-songwriter’s followers will not be the enter the stage. the creator of songs like ‘La del pirata cojo’ or ‘Yo me baja en Atocha’.

Source: La Verdad


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