Dictionary “freestyle” to understand the duels of rapper roosters


With more than 250 expressions and terms, he defines rap voices as ‘slash’, ‘punchline’, ‘submachine gun’. They are interspersed with literary sources used in this discipline, such as ‘anaphora’, ‘asyndeton’ or ‘synecdoche’.

Many of the journalists and fans attending this Saturday the 10th in Mexico at the Red Bull Batalla International Final, the impromptu rap battles, will find it difficult to understand the slang used by the duelists. The Fundación del Español Urgente (FundéuRAE) and the organizers have developed a guide to terms for ‘freestyle’ and ‘hip-hop’ in Spanish to facilitate understanding of this increasingly popular discipline.

Using more than 250 expressions and terms, he describes rap voices as ‘barra’ – improvised verses embedded in a beat –; ‘punchline’, -phrase of auction or final blow–; ‘submachine gun’ –technique that eliminates the switching elements to recite vertiginously– or ‘replica’ –extra round to decide who wins a duel–. Literary sources used in this discipline vary, such as ‘anaphora’ – rhetorical repetition –; ‘asyndeton’, –the academic version of the submachine gun– or ‘synecdoche’ –to designate one thing by the name of another, like steel for the sword–.

All voices have a short definition (or refer to the most commonly used word of the same meaning). Many contain additional information about the world of rap, recommendations for correct writing, and a real-life usage example from rapper battles.

Since ‘freestyle’ is practiced and followed in the Spanish area, the guide takes into account the many varieties of Spanish. He wants to be useful to “all those who are interested in this form of rap, regardless of the country they come from. “Interest in improvised rap has grown exponentially in Spanish spheres in recent years, until it has become a mass phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed in today’s Spanish-language media,” the guide’s editors said.

In Mexico, 16 of the best Spanish ‘freestylers’ will compete to measure their improvisation and rhyming skills: Aczino, Skone, Gazir, Yoiker, Blon, Carpediem, Diego, Éxodo Lirical, Choque, Mecha, Jokker, Spektro, Wolf, Theorem, Skiper and Rapder, who replaces Oner.

The first edition of the Red Bull International Final in 2005 welcomed only a few hundred attendees. Today, “freestyle” fills stadiums and brings together millions of people to engage in dialectic duels with their electronic devices.

The Urgent Spanish Foundation –FundéuRAE– is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the correct use of Spanish in the media. Through daily recommendations, writing tips and answers to the questions it receives, it aims to “help all those who use the language in their daily activities in the media, social networks, digital platforms”.

Founded in 2005, Red Bull Batalla is an impromptu rap competition that provides a platform for the development of Spanish-speaking hip-hop stars. It has become the most relevant international rhyme battle connecting Latin America, the United States and Spain.

“The roots of this scene find a deep connection both in ‘hip-hop’ and in the improvisational style of traditional troubadours, which is evolving in Latin America into a style independent of traditional North American ‘hip-hop’,” said the organizers. . The platform gives young artists – dubbed ‘MC’ – the opportunity to train, demonstrate and improve their unique skills and talents in improvisation.

Source: La Verdad


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