New season of ‘The UMU and Scientific Culture’, lectures for all people who are curious about science


New season of ‘The UMU and Scientific Culture’, lectures for all people who are curious about science

Speakers from the University of Murcia bring several episodes dedicated to different disciplines to the Ámbito Cultural Chamber of El Corte Inglés

It is not the typical Netflix series that explains in fifteen minutes how the mind or the corona virus works, but from the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+i) of the University of Murcia they want to give an hour’s dose of knowledge scientist on different disciplines of the institution. For all audiences and since 2017, this cycle of conversations continues for another year thanks to the great reception of the Murcian society.

On Tuesday 28 February, Luis José Alías Linares, Professor of Geometry and Topology at the Department of Mathematics at UMU, will give the lecture ‘The Platonic Solids: Why don’t there 5-sided dice?’ to hold. While it may seem complicated to talk about “Platonic solids,” those convex and regular polyhedra whose faces are all the same and whose vertices have the same number of faces and edges, the speaker has prepared an interactive conference for the public to participate in to discuss solutions in to solve the problems and riddles.

The latest presentation by Professor David Parra Gómez, Professor of Constitutional Law and Knowledge Transfer Award, held on January 28 and titled “Constitutional Education: A Subject Under Consideration,” discussed the education of the school’s Magna Carta. “Only societies that have access to more knowledge and reflection about their constitutional political system have more opportunities to value, protect and perfect it,” said Parra.

This year’s program is also about optics, psychology or art. On March 28, the Professor of Psychobiology and Principal Investigator at the UMU-IMIB, Juan Ramón Ordoñana Martín, will take a tour from the time when man tried to define himself according to the position of the stars, to the emergence of psychology as a science. Entitled “Genes or Astrology: The Quest for an Explanation of How We Are,” it will be able to answer many questions and desires, “but we are still a long way from the revelation we’ve been chasing since we started looking at the stars” , explains Juan Ramón Ordoñana.

Degenerative diseases of the retina are one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in developed countries. With the title: ‘Research into degenerative diseases of the retina: is there hope for the future?’ will help the professor of Ophthalmology at UMU, Diego García Ayuso, to understand the evolution of this type of pathology in the human eye and the success of his treatment in the talk on May 31.

María Victoria Sánchez Giner, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, will end the cycle ‘The UMU and scientific culture’ of 2023 on June 20. The last room is dedicated to the science that also exists in art. Art and landscape: exploring the relationship between human creativity and our environment, will conclude the six lectures from the University of Murcia in collaboration with the Ámbito Cultural Chamber of El Corte Inglés.

Source: La Verdad


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