Three ‘cyber grandmothers’ become the gurus of new technologies on TVE


Luján Argüelles presents ‘Brigada Tech’, the outreach program that will travel across Spain to clear the doubts of citizens

Victoria, Charo and Pilar are the three ‘cyber grandmothers’ protagonists of RTVE’s new commitment to public service. They, trained with a high level of digital skills, will be responsible for visiting different parts of the Spanish geography to solve the technological doubts of citizens in ‘Brigada Tech’. It is an entertainment and dissemination space consisting of thirteen 45-minute episodes that will be broadcast weekly on La 1, directed by the Asturian Luján Argüelles.

The presenter, together with the three employees and other celebrities, will take on the task of “integrating the population into the digital world”. The new format of public television is part of the programs and dissemination campaigns that RTVE will promote under the brand ‘Generation D’, an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs through the National Digital Skills Plan. The agreement was reached in December with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with the aim of “creating an ecosystem that involves Spanish society in the digital transformation process that the country is going through”.

With the commitment of ‘Brigada Tech’, the public broadcaster wants to get closer to those for whom technology is still a challenge today, to make online purchases; report a cyber attack via the citizen hotline 017; take advantage of the capabilities of a mobile device; or help an SME make itself known on social networks.

“It’s an all-digital themed entertainment program that aims to generate interest and arouse fears of what sounds unfamiliar. And with the grandmothers and mentors we have gathered, we will be able to learn and laugh, “described the presenter, Luján Argüelles.

The three ‘cyber grandmothers’ will also conduct interviews with people whose adaptation to the digital world has changed their lives. The traveling set will travel through various autonomous communities to narrow the territorial divide and publicize testimonials of success and improvement across the territory. There will be figures of ‘digital mentors’ and ‘influencers’, who will contribute their knowledge about this. Among others Lala Chus, Ger and Álex Chia.

In addition to the program, which will be broadcast in prime time on the main TVE network, the company will also work on other content to “combat the digital divide”. For example, information pills will be broadcast on all television and radio channels on key areas for digital transformation, such as cyber security, the use of electronic banking, the use of public administration applications, online training, accountability in social networks or the use of including voice assistants.

Spaces such as “Weekly Report” will interview leading figures from the Pact for Generation D. At the same time, the company will distribute six buses through the most remote areas of the digital environment to promote awareness and technology learning. “RTVE, as a public communication medium, must be with the public and contribute with digital skills, especially in a world where they are essential,” defended the agency’s interim president, Elena Sánchez Caballero.

Source: La Verdad


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