Warm Up 2023: how to recover the excess money from your ‘cashless’ bracelet


Those who attend the Warm Up will still have an emotional hangover after everything they’ve been through this past weekend. While some may remember Saturday as the day they enjoyed an impromptu Polish Girl concert in a parking lot, many wonder if they’ll get their money back after the gigs are cancelled. Through its social networks, the organization wanted to send people a calm message and assure that “ticket returns will be managed shortly”. Another of the most repeated doubts among viewers is related to the money that was not spent on the bracelets and cards. Visitors used their pre-recharge bracelet or card (in the case of day tickets) to make any form of payment within the venue. This bracelet has a virtual wallet in which people put money of 5 euros and 5 euros to buy food or drinks in La Fica. This way you could pay for your drinks at the bar with a simple gesture without having to pay with cash or debit card. By having to put money of 5 euros in 5 euros and by suspending the day on Saturday, many spectators have money left on their card or bracelet. The organization has already warned viewers that they can get this excess money back once the event is over. How to recover the excess on your Warm Up bracelet As explained by the Warm Up organization on its website: – The excess amount paid will be refunded with a management fee of 1.50 euros. – You can request refunds via your user account between May 2, 11:59 PM and May 6, 11:59 PM (except for the 5 euros of the cashless promotion). – You will need your bracelet or card to manage the return. 1. To perform the management, you must go to the festival’s website and select the ‘cashless’ section. 2. Next, you need to select the ‘Request here’ option that appears when you select the ‘cashless’ section or click on the question ‘What do I need to do to claim back the excess of my bracelet?’ and the response will appear stating that you need to ‘access this link’. 3. Next, you have to press the ‘Credit Refund’ option and you have to write the email with which you agreed to the purchase. 4. The page asks you for two codes that are on your bracelet or on your card. 5. Finally, you must note the account number to which you want the money refunded. Related News Standard No The impromptu marriage proposal in a parking lot in Murcia after the cancellation of the Warm Up due to the rain María José Timoteo This young man thought about asking his girl’s hand during the Viva Suecia concert, but the unexpected storm forced change his plans. Once the refund has been requested, you will receive the remaining balance in your bank account, depending on the bank, within a maximum of one month.
Source: La Verdad


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