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Last Tuesday was International Day Against Bullying and all televisions echoed the event, at least in their newscasts. And then each goes on with his own. Little jokes with “bullying”: we are talking about children, always vulnerable and still not knowing how to manage their defenses. But on Tuesday, there were two model rooms on the subject. On the one hand, in ‘El intermedio’, the always wonderful Andrea Ropero inquired about the case of a person who was a victim of ‘bullying’ and who now, at the age of 23, is still suffering the consequences, recalling how the school psychologist told her mother that it was his problem. Also, the program ‘En portada’ on La 2 showed a specific case in the manual, that of a girl who committed suicide because of the bullying she suffered from her classmates. Their parents, psychologists, a judge and other experts spoke. Those in charge of the school where he studies declined the invitation, much to his shame. Nor did the bullies and witnesses intervene, either because of misconceived child protection or because they refused to do so. What is the protection of minors where the perpetrators caused the suicide of a partner? It was explained in the program that in ‘bullying’ there are always four architects: of course there are the victim and the bullies, but also the parents and the witnesses of the bullying, who remain silent. And that schools are not the best place to investigate because they are judge and party. Also keep in mind that a harassed person will hardly tell his parents, especially if he did it once and they didn’t take him seriously. Making little jokes with ‘bullying’ and no longer thinking that it doesn’t suit us.
Source: La Verdad


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