Lunar eclipse May 2022. This is how cinema helps us understand


In the night from Sunday to Monday, the “Blood Moon”, a solar eclipse that will turn the satellite red. In this episode we look at how cinema has been put at the service of science to study the universe

On the night of this Sunday 15 to Monday 16 there will be a nocturnal solar eclipse coinciding with the full moon that will be visible in Spain. The phenomenon known as the ‘Blood Moon’ will also occur, which will turn the satellite a reddish color due to the sun’s rays passing through the Earth’s atmosphere.

As a result of this event, in this episode of the podcast ‘The burning look’ we look back at the relationship between astronomy and cinema. A scientific and artistic discipline that have worked together to record celestial phenomena and further study the universe. But not only in the documentary field, because astronomical events have also crept into fictional plots. There are such films as “The Green Ray” by Éric Rohmer, or the epic story of “Barabbas”, the shooting of which in Italy coincided with a solar eclipse, and director Richard Fleischer decided to include it in the plot at the last minute.

Also, with the help of film critic and programmer Martin Pawley, we talk about the parallels between watching a starry sky and watching a movie. There are many more points in common than it seems… Telmo Fernández, astrophysicist and director of the Madrid Planetarium, also joins the conversation.

The illuminated gaze is a monthly podcast about the world of film, screens and their environment. It is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Ivoox, Podimo, and Amazon Music.

Source: La Verdad

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