‘From Spain With Design’ welcomes pieces from 18 Murcian companies


The exhibition, on view at the Museum of Science and Water until September 14, includes a documentary by Jorge Martínez

The Museum of Science and Water of Murcia will host the traveling exhibition ‘From Spain with design / identity and territory’ from yesterday until September 14. Uqui Permui and Ángel Martínez are the curators of this exhibition, which counts more than 130 pieces. ‘From Spain With Design’ makes visible the initiatives of Spanish professionals in recent years and brings together different forms of design such as industrial design, graphic design, interior design, service design and fashion. Adapting to each transit city, the exhibition includes pieces by the Murcian studios and companies Achodoso Estudio, Artsolut Estudio, Beltá&Frajumar, Casaú Estudio, Clavel Arquitectos, Constanza +, Eduardo del Fraile, F33, Gráfyco, Inma Bermúdez, Jorge Martínez, Las Culpass, Paparajote, Pedro Luis Alba, Romualdo Faura, Rubio & del Amo, Tobal Sánchez and Xlidesign.

The movie ‘Back. What we don’t see from what we see’, a documentary directed by the designer and publicist Jorge Martínez about creative Spanish cuisine; or the packaging of the multidisciplinary designer Eduardo Fraile; clothing with superpowers from Constanza+ and furniture from Cartonlab in the sustainability axis. The pieces follow five thematic axes: ‘Identity and Territory’, ‘Intersections’, ‘Internationalisation’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Complicities’.

The exhibition is organized by the Spanish Network of Design Associations (READ) with the collaboration of the Association of Design and Advertising Communication Professionals of the Region of Murcia (DIP) and the support of the Ministry of Culture, the Xunta de Galicia and Murcia City Council. After crossing Santiago de Compostela and Aveiro (Portugal), he travels on to Valencia.

Source: La Verdad


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