Michelle Yeoh: “Opening your mind sets you free”


The actress and martial artist surprised the Yankee box office with the science fiction comedy ‘Everything at the same time everywhere’

“Everything everywhere at once” surprised the Yankee box office with its tone somewhere between science fiction and humor. The protagonist is martial arts superstar Michelle Yeoh (Ipoh, Malaysia, 1962), who we have seen in ‘Tiger and Dragon’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. In this film, directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who draw as Daniels, she plays a Chinese immigrant to the United States, owner of a run-down laundromat, who gets stuck in a loop of parallel universes when she starts paying her taxes. for an Inspector of the Treasury (Jamie Lee Curtis). A surprising heroine lost in the confines of the multiverse, who will discover her skills in hand-to-hand combat.

-Could this movie be one of the most surprising to hit theaters?

-Frankly, when I first read the script, I thought, I have to find a way to tell these two guys that this is impossible to play. In this universe, human evolution has taken a radically different turn for reasons explained with a cameo from the director. Making the decision to make this film has been one of the most important of my career.

-There are scenes with Jamie Lee Curtis that are absolutely sensational.

-When you do a dance like that, you need a fearless partner, because Curtis remains fearless throughout the sequence. We both looked at each other, not thinking we had fingers shaped like hot dogs. We literally improvised that dance together. Before we started filming, I wondered how Jamie would react, in fact, I was ashamed to do that scene. I managed to keep my composure, thinking about the more than 30 years I’ve been in this business.

– As absurd as it may seem, the scene between the two women is emotional while it can be absolutely ridiculous.

-The viewer is drawn to what the characters live. You want to see them together and for their relationship to flourish, for them to evolve as they go through the pain and the breakup.

Do you believe in this theory of many parallel universes?

– It’s a mystery. I like the idea that parallel universes can exist. As an actress, I’m open to understanding other worlds because that’s part of my job, but in reality I don’t think I would accept that theory as naturally as my character would. The beauty of opening your mind sets you free, however strange some of the proposals appearing on the screen may seem.

-How would you describe ‘Everything at once everywhere’?

-It’s fast, furious and chaotic. I’d say it’s like pop art and pop music, where everything happens at the same time. But it’s also very much the world all millennials are used to: with the internet, information overload, constant acceleration. Beauty comes when you leave the cinema and think, look around and discover that the world is as chaotic as what the story represents. I think there’s a very intimate philosophical message in the idea of ​​stepping back and saying, how do we heal ourselves? How do we make society work? I think we’re all forced to think because we can’t go on like this.

-Is it true that you were looking forward to working with the Daniels?

-From the moment I read the script, I couldn’t get them out of my head. I even decided to participate as a producer because he seems to me a kind of cinema with a surprising freshness. I had to meet this writing and director duo capable of creating something so intriguing. The truth is, the Daniels are evil geniuses.

Have you ever questioned the decisions you’ve made?

-This film forced me to think, ask myself and delve into existential questions. Sure, if I had made a different decision, my life would be different, but I’ve never regretted the decisions I’ve made in life.

Source: La Verdad


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