Monica Naranjo presents the next Benidorm Fest


The composer Nacho Cano will be the chairman of the jury and the person responsible for casting the expert vote

RTVE would not pass up the opportunity to give even more weight to Benidorm Fest, the festival that launched it at the beginning of this year to choose our representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. After all, it is not only that the programs worked very well with the audience, but that a good brand image was projected in the children – something they need like food – and also Chanel, the Spanish-Cuban artist winner of the festival, she achieved a milestone by leaving Spain with her ‘SloMo’, in third place in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In this context, RTVE, with its President, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, presented yesterday in Alicante the news of the second Benidorm Fest, whose two semi-finals will be held on January 31 and February 2, 2023, while the final will take place for two days. later. Perhaps the most important novelty is that it will be Mónica Naranjo who will present the format. “I was disappointed with Eurovision, but this year it was something magical. We fell in love again with what the most important stage and the most important place in music means and I said, ‘That’s right!'” said the Catalan singer by video conference. He will not be the only dedicated artist participating in the festival, as the composer Nacho Cano will be the chairman of the jury and the person who will cast the expert vote.

By the way, next year there will be two more songs competing than this one, so there will be 16 artists taking the stage, eight for each semifinal. And while not much more was specified, the festival will have a larger capacity.

Source: La Verdad


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