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There are many elements of Álvaro Lafuente that refer to his roots, starting with the diminutive of his artistic name, which derives from his grandparents’ Aragonese city. Or that inseparable acoustic guitar that also christened him. One of the most promising artists in Spanish music will release his debut album ‘La cantera’ in 2022.

Under the direction of Raül Refree, he has discovered the enormous potential of songs that follow different paths, but that do not lose the connection with tradition. His music rebels against typecasting. It is based on folklore or poetry and delves into introspective sounds. At 24, this Valencian is one of the most listened to independent Spanish musicians, thanks to a unique mix of influences that gives the “empty Spain” sound. It has its own sound universe, made of Iberian, Latin American and Anglo-Saxon remnants and which includes rock, flamenco, pop, singer-songwriters, guajira and rumba.

The quest for experiment and the exploration of sound are the ‘leitmotif’ of filovento, a lowercase name and the pseudonym of Kevin Magdalena Giménez’s huge musical project. ‘Seeds of an Imagined Autumn’ is the first EP by this music teacher from Murcia with training in music therapy and sound therapy.

He takes the guitar as the epicenter of his music to combine the ethereal attitude of post-rock, the sincerity of folk and the telluric energy of traditional percussion. Strumming the strings, he arrives at naked and hypnotic melodies, which are combined with voices that lead to paths of intimacy and emotion. Sound moments accompanied by the power and depth of traditional instruments such as the cajon and the square tambourine. The six tracks on this first EP by filovento immerse the audience in a sea of ​​music, as they contain sound environments rescued from the Mediterranean.

When it seemed like everything had already been sung in the bolero, they emerged to renew the genre. The fathers of this new era are Daniel Zepeda (vocals, drums and electronics) and Iván De La Rioja (guitar, voices, keyboard). Together they form the unique Mexican duo ‘Daniel, you’re killing me’. Dare, spark and cross-border talent on stage to lead this new era: bolerogla, as they have christened it themselves.

In the last part, the second, of ‘Greatest hits of bolerogla’ the voices of Mon Laferte, Niño de Elche or El Caloncho appear. Although their songs have also been sung on stage together with Coque Malla, Valeria Castro or Rita Payés.

“When talent and sweetness come together, things like this happen.” Alejandro Sanz posted this on the social network Twitter in 2007, recommending one of the cover videos that Valeria Castro used to post on YouTube. From that moment on, the algorithm ensured that the musical talent of this Canary Islander, born 22 years ago on La Palma, went viral.

Giving her the drive to walk the path that led to her first EP entitled ‘Chiquita’. A premiere that has confirmed its success extends beyond the network, catapulting it into the eyes of critics and the industry as one of the great promises of the Spanish song. To his advantage, he has a sensitive and fragile voice, conducive to chills, which gives life to lyrics full of memory and honesty. He belongs to that very new generation that is familiar with the terminology of trap, tanganas, reggaeton or perreo.

The newspaper ‘El País’ has written about this transgressive Dominican, who twists merengue, tames samba and cumbia, fights with electronics and dismantles cabaret; that everything he does is fiery and wild. The newspaper selected the album ‘Mandinga Times’ as the best of 2020, a disastrous year for live music due to the pandemic, but very fruitful for recordings.

The ten tracks on this album were co-produced with award-winning producer and composer Eduardo Cabra, of the acclaimed band Calle 13. In addition to being a composer and singer, Rita Indiana is a writer and screenwriter. He is the author of four acclaimed novels (‘Papi’, ‘Nombres yanimales’, ‘La mucama de Omicunlé’ and ‘Hecho en Saturno’), all published in Spain, in Periférico. His long spell in lyrics took place during the ‘stalemate’ between his cult album ‘El Juidero’ (2010), which he recorded with the band Los Misterios, and this recent ‘Mandinga Times’. A decade away from music that has ended with a triumphant return.

Source: La Verdad


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