Telecinco is rocking its summer grill after its minimal crowd


The chain downgrades ‘Tonight I win’ to ‘late night’ and speeds up the end of ‘CSI: Vegas’ after failing to gain public support

Telecinco makes the month of August long. The Mediaset chain fired its star show “Survivors” just over three weeks ago and immediately launched its summer bets to attract audiences who turn off the TV in the summer or look for alternatives on other channels and platforms. From the communication group, they decided to renew their prime time with new formats and returns from great successes from the past, but the viewers were not tempted. The result: Telecinco closed its prime time last week (from 10 p.m.) under the psychological barrier of 10% every day of the week, a fact that has caused the first moves of the net that could continue in the coming days the public improve.

The first of the changes involved “Tonight I win,” a competition hosted by Christian Gálvez and Carolina Cerezuela that pits two groups of celebrities against each other to overcome challenges. The chain, which produces this space in partnership with Bulldog TV, has brought popular characters such as Edu Soto, Patricia Montero, Belinda Washington or Miriam Díaz-Aroca back to television. In its last episode, it had a low viewership share of 6.8% and 584,000 viewers, so yesterday Telecinco decided to send the format to the ‘late night’ slot and replace it with the movie ‘An exceptional gift’ for just three weeks after the premiere.

However, what appeared to be an expected return to viewers did not translate into large numbers of viewers. Telecinco also premiered this month with the sequel to the mythical ‘CSI: Vegas’, one of the highlights of the station’s summer offerings, as it was the most-watched foreign fiction in the chain’s history twenty years ago. Gil Grissom’s return was settled at 9.7% and just over a million viewers, a figure that plummeted to 8.1% of “share” in the second week. Given this data, Mediaset has decided to speed up the season ending, airing three chapters on Monday night. However, the strategy also did not work, as the last bracket fell to a share of 6.7%.

Nor does the bet on Wednesday yield the expected results. The Spanish adaptation of ‘Idol Kids’, presented by Jesús Vázquez, dropped to 7.1% of ‘share’ and remained at 606,000 viewers, while the Italian fiction ‘Blanca’ also lost follow-up last week, at 8.1%. and 707,000 followers, despite premiering on Thursday, August 4 as the audience leader at 11.8%. In addition, the compilations of ‘Friday Deluxe’ (7.4% and 481,000), ‘Let Yourself Love’ (8.7% and 595,000) and the Sunday film ‘Disappeared’ (7.5% and 693,000) also ran during the weekend holiday week of August 15.

While it’s a period when broadcasters are betting on smaller products that don’t have a place in the peak season and television consumption plummets over the summer holidays, the truth is that if the trend continues, Telecinco could end August with its worst data. since 1990, the year it started broadcasting and was still unknown to the general public.

So far this month, the channel has collected an average viewership of 11%, which is 2.1 points less than in July, compared to the 13.2 average of its main competitor, Antena 3, whose dedication to Turkish series continues to give it. great joy. For September, yes, Mediaset returns to regain lost ground with an ambitious proposal that will go through new editions of ‘Got Talent’, ‘The Island of Temptations’, own fictions such as ‘Scandal, Portrait of an Obsession’ or the reality television format ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, featuring celebrities who live with animals on a farm.

Source: La Verdad


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