Mixed reactions as Northern Ireland’s legal Covid restrictions are finally removed –


Nicola White at Ben Thomas Hair Salon in Belfast

So far, the move to ease all legal restrictions on Covid-19 in Northern Ireland has received mixed reactions.

Health Minister Robin Swan announced on Monday that all remaining legal restrictions related to Covid-19 are expected to be lifted on Tuesday and replaced with the signal.

The law was officially changed on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

This includes the use of face masks, the use of coveted passports at nightclubs, traceability and qualification requirements, and 30-person entry into private homes.

Self-isolation guidelines for infection do not change, nor do operational work from home where possible.

Many businessmen hail the move as a milestone today after two years of legal regulation, but politicians and healthcare professionals are calling for a more cautious approach.

Entrepreneurs like Nicola White’s hairstylist Ben Thomas on their way to Belfast Old Park are hoping for a return to normal.

“I am totally happy and hope this means everyone has the confidence to start out again and support the business to get back to normal,” Nicholas said.

Under the change, there will be no need to wear a mask in enclosed public places, including stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, public transportation and close contact services.

However, the importance of mask wearing in health and social settings, public transportation and indoor environments will be emphasized.

“I feel like we have to start on our own and if I feel safe that’s fine,” Nicholas added.

“Especially in our industry, it’s been difficult to try face masks while combing their hair, but if people still want to wear them, that’s not a problem.”

Face coverings are also mandatory on public transport, including buses, taxis and trains 10 July 2020.

Stefano Antonio Vocab.

“We will review the face covering guidelines and publish them soon,” said Stephen Anton, director of communications for taxi company Fonacab.

But anything that restores the economy and society to normal must be good if done in a measured and proportionate manner.

“It will be great to see how these changes benefit the leisure and hospitality industry in particular.

However, Mr Swan warned people to jump up on guns and not act as if the pandemic was over, a view echoed by health experts, including Dr Tom Black, president of the British Medical Association in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Tom Black in Derry Surgery

“We still have a terrible infection here in Northern Ireland, many patients come in and spread Covid in the community. We have to be careful and careful,” Dr. Black said.

“We have to maintain some protection and I think we are moving towards protection from restrictions, especially for the most vulnerable in society, who are going to be very concerned about these events.

“We need to reassure them of our actions, which means continued masks and social distancing, to make sure that our immunocompromised citizens are well protected,” he added.

One Co Down Shielder said they feared all legal restrictions on Covid-19 in Northern Ireland would be relaxed from today.

Michaela Hollywood of Crossgar suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic and degenerative condition that weakens muscles and affects movement.

Michaela Hollywood

Michaela, who is particularly vulnerable and uses a wheelchair full time, has been defending herself for nearly two years, leaving home only for medical exams.

“I’m a little worried and afraid it’s a little premature,” he said.

I am so scared and I think that people like me, who used to protect me, now feel that the door is tightly shut.

If we feel comfortable, maybe outside to eat or go to the cinema, there will be no more now because the regulations are now a guide and not the rules we have to follow.”

Michaela also wants to see action on anti-coronavirus treatment.

“My main concern is that anti-virus products for people like me who are at higher risk of contracting Covid are not regularly available. I think waiting for their usual availability would be the right decision.

“So we have to get to the point where we can have directions and antivirus tools available to those who need them,” he added.

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Source: Belfastlive


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