Turquoise vs Black – that’s brutality!


Laura Sachslehner’s resignation has revealed that things are not so harmonious in the People’s Party, but also in the coalition, as they tell us. There seems to be a lot of going on behind the scenes. A match of turquoise against black is smoldering – and that’s brutality!

Since the departure of Sebastian Kurz last year, the coalition peace seemed saved. Karl Nehammer, as the sober chancellor, is supposed to reunite the broken turquoise and restore harmony to the two worlds of turquoise and green. It worked very well for a few months. Until Laura Sachslehner came by.

How well does turquoise go with green?
Because she has suddenly awakened the coalition from its pink slumber. Not only did she unnecessarily question the coalition and spark a dispute over a political afterthought, she also highlighted the gaping wound with her resignation speech about values ​​and directions. How well does turquoise go with green? The climate bonus reveals the internal turmoil.

Asylum seekers receive a climate bonus – no Turk wants that
The fact that asylum seekers or detainees, who usually don’t even have to pay their own electricity bill for basic services, do not like the fact that no established Turkish citizen can agree. Since Sebastian Kurz, the ÖVP has been fighting against asylum seekers and migrants, which has brought the party a lot of support from the right. And now that they are behind the bonus for asylum seekers, it is clear: turquoise is black again. Not everyone likes that.

The right course versus willingness to compromise
This dichotomy is now clearly visible within the party. While there is some applause for Sachslehner’s clear words on the part of the Viennese and Tyrolean ÖVP, others, such as the club president, are warning against coalition peace or silence. The traditional party must now make a decision: will it continue on the right track or will it be more willing to compromise? That’s a question she needs to solve quickly.

… at the end there are new elections
Any silence and waiting could mean that even more from their own ranks would try a “Sachslehner”. That means: swallow, carry with you and then maybe even explode because of “value problems”. We all know what comes next in the dramaturgy of political frustration: rift and new elections. The government cannot want that. The Austrians – annoyed by internal quarrels in the midst of a real crisis – perhaps they will at some point.

Source: Krone


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