The purpose of political language is incomprehensible, but this Zarzuela reminds Zapatero. almost

From time to time, a humorous moment of literary criticism crops up in the Spanish present tense. Criticism of communication or letter. We came from the Moroccan letters, from the letter of Pedro Sánchez (or whoever it was) and sent to the King of Morocco. Now we have the communiqué from the House of HM the King regarding the visit to the Palacio de la Zarzuela by Don Juan Carlos. It is written in such a way that Doña Sofía has become a meme like Juan Carlos Girauta, who is everywhere.

Let’s see, they tell us that Doña Sofía attended the lunch, but did not share because she tested positive for covid, “although she stayed in the lunch area with the rest of the family, equipped with the mandatory mask and the accompanying ventilation measures ” . Before there was another memorable paragraph: «HM the King and Don Juan Carlos have had a long conversation about family matters and about various events and their consequences in Spanish society since the King’s father decided to move to Abu Dhabi on August 3 of the year 2020”. Ample talk time! Different events and their consequences! The purpose of political language is incomprehensible, but this Zarzuela almost reminds Zapatero that he told Otegi (he told Alsina) that they “have to go through an important piece in their recognition so that their moral position is very different”.

Literary critic Edmund Wilson did not like Somerset Maugham. Since they told him he was wrong, he tried “Then and Now.” During the first part, he encountered “such a thicket of illegibility” that he thought he would never finish it. Then and now.

Source: La Verdad


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